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About us

Deon Group is independent business advisory and consultancy company focusing on expolring the Chinese market and business opportunities for Czech companies. We are active in region of Central and Eastern Europe and in China. Our main scope of business over past few years were PV applications, Hydro energy, waste trading and recycling. We have our offices in Prague (Czech Rep.), Yambol (Bulgaria), Chisinau (Moldova) Hongkong and Shanghai (China)

Main activities :

•  Large scope of services for Czech companies willing to explore Chinese market
•  Inspection of copanies and goods, legal and logistic services in China
•  Oversees trading of waste materials and consumer goods
•  Business opportunities in area of new technologies, green energy and waste recycling

Our management team consist of experienced professionals in filed of PV, green energy and waste recycling. We cooperate with high profile companies from both Europe and China.



Happy and successful year 2015

We wish all our business partners only the best in 2015 and looking forward to new opportunities. more information


Deon Group agreed cooperation with Enviropol s.r.o. (Czech Rep.)

Deon Group will explore new oporunities for Enviropol in China and Southeast Asia in WEEE sector. more information


New cooperation in waste trading and recycling area established

We are pleased to announce a new cooperation with Chinese company Xinguang Lvhuan Recycling Resources(XLRR). Deon Group will be exclusive partner of XLRR in Central and Eastern Europe region. Areas of cooperation are: Scrap metal, WEEE, plastic waste etc. The activities will be mainly in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.


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Sotirya 1MWp - photos of completed PV plant in central Bulgaria

!!!!!   1 MWp project Sotirya was successfully connected and is feeding Bulgarian electricity grid   !!!!!

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Project Sotirya 1MWp - Bulgaria

The plot is located 3km east from town Sliven, Municipality Sliven and has slight inclination to the south. Project site is part of 5MWp area, where 4MWp are still available. Project site has contruction permit and final contract with EVN and fences were installed already.


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About Photovoltaic

                                                                                                                                                   Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels comprising a number of cells containing a photovoltaic material.

The discovery of the photovoltaic effect is attributed to Alexander Edmond Becquerel, who discovered it as a nineteen years old in 1839. The first genuine solar cell was made of crystalline silicon in 1954 at Bell‘s labs. Photovoltaic recorded the great development in the sixties with the advent of space research. Today they are used widely.

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Recent projects

We are looking for suppliers of plastic waste, scrap metal and WEEE

  • The suppliers should be located in Central or Eastern Europe
  • We are ready to buy the waste off your site
  • We can offer cooperation in area of sorting and recycling technologies
  • We can offer favourable pricing and payment conditions with focus on long term cooperation




Deon Goup s.r.o.

Londynska 730/59
120 00 Prague - Vinohrady
Czech Republic

IČO:     24822108

mobil:  +420 777 835 474

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